Sunday, 22 April 2012

What I have learn this semester

What I have learn this semester 

During the second semester and during the class, I learned many things.
First the use of tools that are original and effective as Voicethread or Blogger.
These tools can share, learn with wich you can change them as you want.
It was also very interesting to work with podcast, it allowed me to use the software Itunes differently and then more interested me with the podcast, that are very useful tools.

About the difficulties I encountered, it is mainly at the use of certain software as voicethread. To record voices was not easy..

To conclude I think the course “Méthodologie de l'apprentissage appliqué à l'anglais” is honestly the most original course, with the tools to study and how to use it, it helps to learn more easily.

Podcast Three


Waiting for superman

Waiting for "Superman" is a 2010 documentary film from director Davis Guggenheim and producer Lesley Chilcott. The film analyzes the failures of American public education by following several students through the educational system, hoping to be selected in a lottery for acceptance into primary or secondary schools that receive public money also know as Charter schools.

October 4, 2010, Mister Michael Krasny at the cubberley auditorium talks about this film.

This film is somewhat controversial, some say that :

"The film dismissed with a side comment the inconvenient truth that our schools are criminally underfunded"
- Rick Ayers, Adjunct Professor in Education at the University of San Francisco

It seems to me that money is still an important factor, especially within a country or system is based primarily on money ... However having more teachers or Less competent is just as important !

It is obvious that a teacher who is passionate teaches and shares her passion for students, this can only encourage them to study more.

In any case It is true for me.

The country's priorities are also important, education is only secondary in the U.S., but still a luxury for the poor and a way to get high in society for the rich.

It is difficult for French students to understand the real value of what we learn during our studies. The price of college is significantly lower than in many countries, and then there are scholarships, financial aid.

It's amazing to see the listing price of 6000 euros ... if not more ...

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Podcast Two

Podcast : 2
Stanford University
Making Teaching More Affordable
Deborah Stipek, Efundunke Hughes - School of Education
duration of the podcast : 4:47

Exercice : As a Teacher, make a list of about 20 questions (and answer)

1) What is the meaning for the annagram S.T.E.P ?
Answer : Stanford Teaching Education Program

2) Who is Efundunke Hugues ?
Answer : She is a teacher at Berkley Meynard Academy

3) When Efundunke Hughes went to Stanford, what is her first goal ?
Answer : She would become an Astronautical engineer

4) Who is Deborah Stipek ?
Answer : She is The I. James Quillen Dean and Professor School of Education

5) What is the step-program ?
Answer : Stanford's teacher appropriation program

6) What is Berkley Meynard Academy ?
Answer : Charity Public School

7) What is the name of the public school system of Berkley Meynard Academy ?
Answer : ASPIRE

8) In the college the kids can learn wath they want ? Yes or no ?
Answer : Yes

9) Fill in the blank :
"You need to be able to ... ... , you need to be able to work ... and you need to be able to ... ... yourself ".
Answer : Follow Directions, Together, Believe

10) According to Efundunke Hugues wath are "the things you need in order to be succesful" ?
Answer : To Work Together and To Believe in yourself

11) How many time Mrs Hugues teach in a college ?
answer : 1 year

12) Efundunke Hugues could afford Stanford ? Yes or no ?
Answer : No

13) Why Mrs Hugues send an E-mail to the president ?
Answer : To tell him she can not afford Stanford

14) What did she tell him ?
Answer : She can not afford Stanford

15) The Students can afford books ? Yes or no ?
Answer : No

16) According to Efundunke knowledge are suppose to be ... ?
Answer : To share it

17) According to Mrs Hugues what is the grade of value ?
Answer : Is to have acces to school

18) According to you what is the aim of the Stanford's University ?
Answer : To teach teacher how to teach

19) Why Deborah Stipek wants to attract people ?
Answer : Because they don't consider being teachers or going to Stanford

20) What Mrs Hugues hopes for her students ?
Answer : To go to College

Podcast One

Podcast : 1

Podcast About Stanford Summer Teaching Institute (« Lead. Teach. Matter. »)
Programm Overview
Pamela Grossman, Susan O'Hara and Cammy Huang - School of Education

Duration of the podcast : 4:45

Exercise : Make a Résumé of the podcast.

The Stanford Summer Teaching Institute is “a collection of 4-, 5-, and 8-day courses” focused on the development of effective instructional practices for a variety of content areas and grade levels. A lot of teachers from around university come to make those courses.

This short training period is done within the Center to Support Excellence in Teaching (CSET)

At the beginning of this podcast, it says that in the CSET they now having a good teacher for three years. It suppose to having a weak teacher for those 3 years and makes the difference at 50% higher points in achievement, it makes difference being the top of the class or being the bottom of the class.

Stanford Summer Teaching Institute (SSTI) is an opportunity for teachers to continue deepening their own understanding about the content of their own teach as well as teaching itself.

The SSTI has two primary goals

° One is “to develop an instructionnal leadership team that has a shared vision of what instructionnal excellence is in their school”.

° The second is “to teach teams of instructionnal leaders about the sort of ressources that they need to have and order to support excellent instruction at their schools”.

The principal difference between the CSET and the other school is that those courses are base on teams.

To conclude the courses of the Stanford Summer Teaching Institute are actually like doors that can be open, within which may have to learn how to teach in a dynamic and interresting way for students and also for teachers, all materials that may have taught in schools. To do this, teachers learn to use effectively the tools they have to fascinate their students as possible while making effective learning, original and exciting for kids.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Do We really learn "English" words on Social Network

Today most of teens, parents and also elderly have an account on a Social Network like "Facebook", "Tweeter", "Myspace".
All of them have attracted millions of users and all of them was created by an American sofware architect or
students, this is why a lot of words on these social networking services uses "English" word.

As a result everybody know the words, "Join us", "Subscribe now", "Post", "Send", "Edit".
So we can wonder this question :

                                        Do we really learn "English" words on Social Network ?

And the answer is "Yes" we learn English words, but not Bristish English words and the use of these words in everyday language is not intended to teach English.

We learn words from American English, and these words are used for commercial purposes. In fact we learn few words, that encourage us to buy or subscribe for free, in this case many ads every days are sent to our mailbox to buy products that have no revelant to the social network.